Regulation Information System (RIS) Resources


 What is RIS?

The Regulation Information System (RIS) is a web-enabled application for agencies to file regulations and related items with the Virginia Registrar of Regulations for publication in the Virginia Register of Regulations. RIS is linked with the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall to facilitate the process agencies use for filing regulatory actions with Town Hall for executive branch review and then filing such actions with the Registrar's office for publication in the Virginia Register.

The Virginia Administrative Code is current through daily updates enabled by RIS.


 RIS Forms and Instructions

Forms - To use these fillable forms, open the form, right click, and save. Open the saved document and complete the form.

 Regulatory Coordinator Appointment Form

User ID Request Form - electronic signature

 User ID Request Form - sign and scan

 Request to File DIBR by Description Form


User Instructions

 Create an RIS Project

 Preparing Regulation Text

 Printing an RIS Project

 Forms Only Revisions

 Linking to Town Hall

 Inserting Brackets


Uploading Documents to an RIS Project

 Add a Forms/DIBR Section

 Upload Forms & DIBRs

 Upload Other Documents (Not Forms/DIBRS)

 Troubleshoot Uploads



Logging in to RIS

Request RIS Access

 Login to RIS

 Troubleshoot Login




Computer Settings

Internet Explorer Instructions

 RIS Toolbar Installation Instructions




RIS Tips 

 VAC Quick Style Sheet

 Navigation Tips

Stage and Status Filters




RIS Demos

The following links are demonstrations of different aspects of RIS. These demonstrations only work using Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Edge. Click on the appropriate link, adjust the volume on your computer, and learn about the different aspects of RIS.

1. Logging in and downloading macro
2. Control panel modifications
3. RIS toolbar-strike/add/repeal
4. Navigation buttons and integrity check
5. Comments feature
6. Create Report feature
7. Non-Town Hall submittals

For problems viewing or hearing the above, please contact the Registrar's office at (804) 698-1810. Once the demonstration is over, close your browser.