Vol. 25 Iss. 2 - September 29, 2008

Chapter 97
Extension of Public Comment Period

Titles of Regulations: 16VAC25-90. Federal Identical General Industry Standards (29 CFR Part 1910) (repealing 16VAC25-90-1910.269 (p)(1)(ii)).

16VAC25-97. Reverse Signal Operation Safety Requirements for Motor Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment in General Industry and the Construction Industry (adding 16VAC25-97-10 through 16VAC25-97-70).

16VAC25-175. Federal Identical Construction Industry Standards (29 CFR Part 1926) (repealing 16VAC25-175-1926.601 (b)(4), 16VAC25-175-602 (a)(9)(ii), 16VAC25-175-1926.952 (a)(3).

Statutory Authority: §40.1-22 of the Code of Virginia.

The Safety and Health Codes Board noticed an initial public comment period on the above-referenced proposed regulations (16VAC25-97) in the August 20, 2007, issue of the Virginia Register of Regulations (23:25 VA.R. 4347-4351 August 20, 2007). However, a number of comments were received after the close of the initial comment period and the board noticed a second public comment period on this regulation in the April 14, 2008, issue of the Virginia Register (24:16 VA.R. 2291 April 14, 2008).

Following the close of the second comment period, extensive changes were made to the text of the proposed regulation. Therefore, the board has issued a third 30-day comment period that will begin on September 29, 2008, and end on October 29, 2008.

Agency Contact: Jay Withrow, Department of Labor and Industry, Powers Taylor Building, 13 South 13th Street, Richmond, VA 23219, or email

VA.R. Doc. No. R06-314; Filed September 2, 2007, 5:22 p.m.