Vol. 29 Iss. 4 - October 22, 2012

Chapter 30
Final Regulation

REGISTRAR'S NOTICE: The Virginia Racing Commission is claiming an exemption from the Administrative Process Act in accordance with § 2.2-4006 A 4 a of the Code of Virginia, which excludes regulations that are necessary to conform to changes in Virginia statutory law where no agency discretion is involved. The Virginia Racing Commission will receive, consider, and respond to petitions by any interested person at any time with respect to reconsideration or revision.

Title of Regulation: 11VAC10-30. Limited Licenses (amending 11VAC10-30-20).

Statutory Authority: § 59.1-369 of the Code of Virginia.

Effective Date: November 1, 2012.

Agency Contact: David S. Lermond, Jr., Regulatory Coordinator, Virginia Racing Commission, 10700 Horsemen's Lane, New Kent, VA 23024, telephone (804) 966-7404, FAX (804) 966-7418, or email


The amendments conform to changes in Virginia statutory law as outlined in § 59.1-378.1 of the Code of Virginia.

11VAC10-30-20. Generally.

The commission is authorized to issue limited licenses for the promotion, sustenance and growth of a native industry, in a manner consistent with the health, safety and welfare of the people. The horse racing, with pari-mutuel wagering privileges, shall be conducted by limited licensees so as to maintain horse racing in the Commonwealth of Virginia of the highest quality and free of any corrupt, incompetent, dishonest or unprincipled practices and to maintain in horse racing complete honesty and integrity.

A. Number of racing days. The commission may issue limited licenses to conduct horse race meetings, with pari-mutuel wagering privileges on races held at the site, for a period not to exceed 14 days in any calendar year.

B. Local referendum. The commission shall not grant a limited license to conduct a horse race meeting, with pari-mutuel wagering privileges, until a referendum approving the question is held in the county or city in which the race meeting is to be conducted; however, the commission may, in accordance with § 59.1-378.1 of the Code of Virginia, grant a limited license to the owner or operator of a steeplechase facility to conduct pari-mutuel wagering on steeplechase race meetings for a period not to exceed 14 days in any calendar year if the steeplechase facility has been sanctioned by the Virginia Steeplechase Association or National Steeplechase Association and the owner or operator of such facility has been granted tax-exempt status under § 501(c)(3) or (4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

C. Observance of regulations. The holder of a limited license shall be charged with the same duties and responsibilities as are the holders of unlimited licenses with respect to the observance and enforcement of the Act and the regulations of the commission.

D. Racing surfaces. The holders of limited licenses shall utilize racing surfaces which are safe and humane for participants and meet generally accepted standards for the type of racing, but any dirt surface for flat racing shall be at least one mile in circumference, any turf surface for flat or jump racing shall be at least seven-eighths of a mile in circumference, and any dirt surface for Standardbred or Quarter Horse racing shall be at least five-eighths of a mile.

E. Renewal of limited licenses. Limited licenses are valid for one calendar year during which the licensee may conduct as many as 14 days of horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering privileges. A licensee may apply for a renewal of a limited license by submitting an application to the commission as set forth in 11VAC10-30-30 of this chapter. An applicant for a renewal of a limited license may incorporate by reference any information submitted in previous applications.

VA.R. Doc. No. R13-3393; Filed September 27, 2012, 10:34 a.m.