Vol. 36 Iss. 11 - January 20, 2020

Chapter 20
Fast-Track Regulation

Title of Regulation: 18VAC150-20. Regulations Governing the Practice of Veterinary Medicine (amending 18VAC150-20-100).

Statutory Authority: § 54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia.

Public Hearing Information: No public hearings are scheduled.

Public Comment Deadline: February 19, 2020.

Effective Date: March 5, 2020.

Agency Contact: Leslie L. Knachel, Executive Director, Board of Veterinary Medicine, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Richmond, VA 23233, telephone (804) 597-4130, FAX (804) 527-4471, or email

Basis: Regulations are promulgated under the general authority of § 54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia, which provides the Board of Veterinary Medicine the authority to promulgate regulations to administer the regulatory system. The specific mandate for collection of a handling fee is found in § 2.2-4805 of the Virginia Debt Collection Act

Purpose: The rationale for the regulatory change is compliance with the Virginia Debt Collection Act (§ 2.2-4800 et seq.) of the Code of Virginia, in which the General Assembly has determined that the cost for handling returned checks or dishonored credit or debit cards is $50. The department and its regulatory boards license and discipline health care practitioners, and its mission of protecting the health and safety of the public must be supported by its licensing and miscellaneous fees.

Rationale for Using Fast-Track Rulemaking Process: The rulemaking is concurring with financial policy of the Commonwealth and is expected to be noncontroversial.

Substance: All board regulations are being amended to delete the returned check fee of $35 and replace it with a handling fee of $50 for a returned check, dishonored credit card, or dishonored debit card.

Issues: There are no primary advantages or disadvantages to the public. The primary advantage to the department is compliance with auditors from the Office of the Comptroller. There are no disadvantages to the agency or the Commonwealth.

Department of Planning and Budget's Economic Impact Analysis:

Summary of the Proposed Amendments to Regulation. The Board of Veterinary Medicine (Board) proposes to amend 18VAC150-20 Regulations Governing the Practice of Veterinary Medicine to state that the handling fee for a returned check or dishonored credit card or debit card is $50, replacing a current $35 charge.

Background. Code of Virginia § 2.2-614.1 specifies that:

If any check or other means of payment tendered to a public body in the course of its duties is not paid by the financial institution on which it is drawn, because of insufficient funds in the account of the drawer, no account is in the name of the drawer, or the account of the drawer is closed, and the check or other means of payment is returned to the public body unpaid, the amount thereof shall be charged to the person on whose account it was received, and his liability and that of his sureties, shall be as if he had never offered any such payment. A penalty of $35 or the amount of any costs, whichever is greater, shall be added to such amount.

Based on this Code provision, the current regulation includes a $35 returned check charge.

On the other hand, Code of Virginia § 2.2-4805 specifies that "Returned checks or dishonored credit card or debit card payments shall incur a handling fee of $50 unless a higher amount is authorized by statute to be added to the principal account balance." According to the Department of Health Professions (DHP), the Office of the Attorney General has advised that the handling fee of $50 in Virginia Code § 2.2-4805 governs. 

Estimated Benefits and Costs. Based on the view of the Office of the Attorney General that Virginia Code § 2.2-4805 prevails, the fee by law for a returned check or dishonored credit card or debit card is $50. The Board's proposal therefore conforms the regulation to current law. DHP has indicated that in practice they will continue to charge the $35 fee until this proposed regulatory action becomes effective. The services provided by DHP are funded by the fees paid by the regulated individuals and entities. To the extent that the $50 fee more accurately represents the cost incurred by DHP, the proposed change may be beneficial in that the cost would need not be subsidized by other regulants who did not cause the cost to be incurred.

Businesses and Other Entities Affected. The proposal pertains to fee-paying individuals and entities regulated by the Board. As of June 30, 2019, there were 24 equine dental technicians, 4,430 veterinarians, 1,151 veterinary establishments, 77 veterinary faculty, 58 veterinary intern/residents, and 2,327 veterinary technicians regulated by the Board.2 If any of these individuals or entities have a check returned or a credit card or debit card dishonored, the proposal would increase their cost by $15.

Localities3 Affected.4 The proposal does not disproportionately affect any particular localities or introduce costs for local governments.

Projected Impact on Employment. The proposal does not affect employment.

Effects on the Use and Value of Private Property. The proposal does not substantially affect the use and value of private property or real estate development costs.

Adverse Effect on Small Businesses5:

Types and Estimated Number of Small Businesses Affected. The proposed amendment potentially affects the 1,151 veterinary establishments licensed in the Commonwealth, most or all of which likely qualify as small businesses.

Costs and Other Effects. If any of the veterinary establishments have a check returned or a credit card or debit card dishonored, the proposal would increase their cost by $15.

Alternative Method that Minimizes Adverse Impact. There are no clear alternative methods that both reduce adverse impact and meet the intended policy goals.


2Data source: DHP

3"Locality" can refer to either local governments or the locations in the Commonwealth where the activities relevant to the regulatory change are most likely to occur.

4§ 2.2-4007.04 defines "particularly affected" as bearing disproportionate material impact.

5Pursuant to § 2.2-4007.04 of the Code of Virginia, small business is defined as "a business entity, including its affiliates, that (i) is independently owned and operated and (ii) employs fewer than 500 full-time employees or has gross annual sales of less than $6 million."

Agency's Response to Economic Impact Analysis: The Board of Veterinary Medicine concurs with the Analysis of the Department of Planning and Budget.


The amendments replace the returned check fee of $35 with a fee of $50 for handling a returned check or dishonored credit card or debit card payment in compliance with § 2.2-4805 of the Code of Virginia.

18VAC150-20-100. Fees.

The following fees shall be in effect:

Veterinary application for licensure

Veterinary application for faculty licensure



Veterinary license renewal (active)


Veterinary license renewal (inactive)

Veterinary faculty license renewal



Veterinary reinstatement of expired license


Veterinary license late renewal

Veterinary faculty license late renewal



Veterinarian reinstatement after disciplinary action

Veterinary intern/resident license -- initial or renewal



Veterinary technician application for licensure


Veterinary technician license renewal


Veterinary technician license renewal (inactive)


Veterinary technician license late renewal


Veterinary technician reinstatement of expired license


Veterinary technician reinstatement after disciplinary action


Equine dental technician initial registration


Equine dental technician registration renewal


Equine dental technician late renewal


Equine dental technician reinstatement


Initial veterinary establishment registration


Veterinary establishment renewal


Veterinary establishment late renewal


Veterinary establishment reinstatement


Veterinary establishment reinspection


Veterinary establishment -- change of location


Veterinary establishment -- change of veterinarian-in-charge


Duplicate license


Duplicate wall certificate


Returned check Handling fee for returned check or dishonored credit card or debit card

$35 $50

Licensure verification to another jurisdiction


VA.R. Doc. No. R20-6170; Filed December 20, 2019, 1:20 p.m.