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Regulations effective before publication in the Register
■ 18VAC85-21. Regulations Governing Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine.
Agency: Board of Medicine
Filing date: March 14, 2017
Effective date: March 15, 2017
Expiration date: September 14, 2018
Register date: April 3, 2017
Contact: William Harp, telephone (804) 367-4558

Summary only published in the Register
12VAC5-481. Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations.
Agency: State Board of Health
Notice: Due to its length, and in accordance with § 2.2-4031 of the Code of Virginia, only a summary of the
above-referenced regulatory action filed by the State Board of Health was published in the Virginia
Register of Regulations (32:24 VA.R. 3264 July 25, 2016). The full text of this regulatory action is
available at: http://register.dls.virginia.gov/documents/agency_resources/12VAC5-481.pdf.
Register date: July 25, 2016
Contact: Steve Harrison, telephone (804) 864-8151
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Petitions for Rulemaking
A member of the public can request an agency to develop a new regulation or to amend or repeal an existing regulation at any time by submitting a petition for rulemaking to the agency. This section contains both (i) notice that an individual or group has petitioned an agency to adopt or change a regulation and (ii) notice of the agency's decision either granting or denying the petitioner's request.
Notices of Intended Regulatory Action
A notice of intended regulatory action describes the subject matter and intent of a planned regulation or planned amendments to a regulation. The purpose of this brief notice is to alert interested individuals or groups that an agency is considering a regulatory action and provide those interested an opportunity to provide input to the agency early in the rulemaking process.
A regulation is a law adopted by a state agency. This section contains proposed, final, fast-track, and emergency regulations. In addition to the text of the regulation, information is provided to explain the agency's action. Once a final regulation is effective, it has full legal effect and becomes a part of the Virginia Administrative Code.
This section contains executive orders issued by the Governor. These orders are issued within the Governor's existing powers and are binding on Executive Branch agencies without requiring any action by the General Assembly. In addition, any filed comments on or objections to a regulation made by the Governor are published in this section.
General Notices/Errata
This section contains announcements and notices of state agency activity, as well as corrections to information previously published in the Virginia Register.
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