Vol. 39 Iss. 10 - January 02, 2023

Chapter 431

REGISTRAR'S NOTICE: The State Board of Health is claiming an exemption from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act in accordance with § 2.2-4006 A 4 a of the Code of Virginia, which excludes regulations that are necessary to conform to changes in Virginia statutory law or the appropriation act where no agency discretion is involved. The board will receive, consider, and respond to petitions by any interested person at any time with respect to reconsideration or revision.

Title of Regulation: 12VAC5-431. Sanitary Regulations for Hotels (adding 12VAC5-431-490).

Statutory Authority: §§ 35.1-11, 35.1-13, and 35.1-15.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Effective Date: February 1, 2022.

Agency Contact: Briana Bill, Program Manager, Tourist Establishments and General Environmental Health Services, Virginia Department of Health, 109 Governor Street, Richmond, VA 23235, telephone (805) 584-6340, or email


Pursuant to Chapter 751 of the 2022 Acts of Assembly, the amendments add a new section that requires hotel employees to complete an approved training course, no later than June 30, 2023, on recognizing and reporting instances of suspected human trafficking. The Department of Criminal Justice shall develop and administer the approved training course, and the Virginia Department of Health shall enforce the new requirement.

12VAC5-431-490. Employee training.

A. Each employee, as defined in § 35.1-15.1 A of the Code of Virginia, shall by July 1, 2023, or within six months of being employed by a hotel and thereafter at least once per consecutive two-year period, complete a training course provided or approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Services pursuant to §§ 9.1-102 and 35.1-15.1 of the Code of Virginia on recognizing and reporting instances of suspected human trafficking.

B. The permit holder shall provide documentation, upon request by the department, that the hotel's employees have completed the required training.

VA.R. Doc. No. R23-7128; Filed November 30, 2022