Publication Form & Procedure Manual

Agency Regulatory Coordinator

Appointment. Agencies shall notify the Registrar of Regulations in writing of the appointment of an agency regulatory coordinator and of any changes that may occur in that appointment. The Registrar’s Office will periodically send a request to agency heads to request the appointment of an agency regulatory coordinator if one has not been appointed for that agency or to verify that the agency regulatory coordinator’s name and contact information on file are correct.

Qualifications. The agency regulatory coordinator represents the agency in all matters relating to the Virginia Register and the Virginia Administrative Code. The coordinator should be familiar with the Administrative Process Act, the Virginia Register Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and other legislation relating to Virginia regulations; the Governor’s Executive Orders relating to the processing of regulations; the statutes governing the coordinator’s agency; the agency’s public participation guidelines; the regulations of the Virginia Code Commission; and the most recent edition of the Form, Style and Procedure Manual for Publication of Virginia Regulations.


  1. The agency regulatory coordinator shall review all documents filed by an agency and verify that documents submitted for filing and publication in the Virginia Register contain all required information, are processed properly, and are correct in format and content. When an agency submits documents to be published in the Virginia Register, the coordinator or other designated person shall proofread the agency’s documents as published to ensure accuracy and shall file a correction with the Registrar’s Office if a correction is needed.
  2. All questions by the Registrar’s Office regarding the documents submitted for publication shall be directed to the coordinator or to other agency personnel as directed by the coordinator.
  3. Pursuant to § 2.2-4103 of the Code of Virginia, an agency shall: (i) have on file with the Registrar the full text of all of its current regulations; (ii) file, date, and supplement all new regulations and amendments, repeals, or additions to its regulations; (iii) make available for public inspection and copying full texts of all regulations; and (iv) file annually with the Registrar a current list of guidance documents.
  4. The agency regulatory coordinator shall review the agency summary following each annual Virginia General Assembly session and submit proposed updates to the Registrar’s Office. Updates may be submitted at any time other elements of the agency summary change, such as the agency’s mailing address or website address.

Resources. Multiple resources for regulatory coordinators may be accessed from the Register website, including:

  1. The Form, Style and Procedure Manual for Publication of Virginia Regulations.
  2. The Administrative Process Act.
  3. The Virginia Register Act.
  4. Regulations of the Virginia Code Commission for Implementing the Virginia Register Act.
  5. The most recent executive order from the Governor regarding development and review of regulations proposed by state agencies.