Vol. 34 Iss. 16 - April 02, 2018

Chapter 19
Final Regulation

REGISTRAR'S NOTICE: The Board of Nursing is claiming an exemption from Article 2 of the Administrative Process Act in accordance with § 2.2-4006 A 4 a of the Code of Virginia, which excludes regulations that are necessary to conform to changes in Virginia statutory law where no agency discretion is involved. The Board of Nursing will receive, consider, and respond to petitions by any interested person at any time with respect to reconsideration or revision.

Title of Regulation: 18VAC90-19. Regulations Governing the Practice of Nursing (amending 18VAC90-19-80; repealing 18VAC90-19-90, 18VAC90-19-100).

Statutory Authority: § 54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia.

Effective Date: May 2, 2018.

Agency Contact: Jay P. Douglas, R.N., Executive Director, Board of Nursing, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300, Richmond, VA 23233, telephone (804) 367-4520, FAX (804) 527-4455, or email


Pursuant to Chapter 108 of the 2016 Acts of Assembly, the amendments conform Virginia's rules for the issuance of a multistate licensure privilege to the rules of the Nurse Licensure Compact.

Part II
Multistate Licensure Privilege

18VAC90-19-80. Issuance of a license with a multistate licensure privilege.

A. To be issued a license with a multistate licensure privilege by the board or to change the primary state of residency, a nurse currently licensed in Virginia or a person applying for licensure in Virginia shall submit a declaration stating that his primary residence is in Virginia. Evidence of a primary state of residence may be required to include:

1. A driver's license with a home address;

2. A voter registration card displaying a home address;

3. A federal or state tax return declaring the primary state of residence;

4. A Military Form No. 2058 – state of legal residence; or

5. A W-2 from the United States government or any bureau, division, or agency thereof indicating the declared state of residence.

B. A nurse on a visa from another country applying for licensure in Virginia may declare either the country of origin or Virginia as the primary state of residence. If the foreign country is declared as the primary state of residence, a single state license shall be issued by Virginia.

C. A nurse changing the primary state of residence from another party state to Virginia may continue to practice under the former party state license and multistate licensure privilege during the processing of the nurse's licensure application by the board for a period not to exceed 90 days.

1. If a nurse is under a pending investigation by a former home state, the licensure application in Virginia shall be held in abeyance and the 90-day authorization to practice stayed until resolution of the pending investigation.

2. A license issued by a former party state shall no longer be valid upon issuance of a license by the board.

3. If the board denies licensure to an applicant from another party state, it shall notify the former home state within 10 business days, and the former home state may take action in accordance with the laws and regulations of that state

D. A license issued by a party state is valid for practice in all other party states, unless clearly designated as valid only in the state that issued the license. When a party state issues a license authorizing practice only in that state and not authorizing practice in other party states, the license shall be clearly marked with words indicating that it is valid only in the state of issuance shall comply with the regulations adopted by the Interstate Commission of Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators ( and provisions of Article 6.1 (§ 54.1-3040.1 et seq.) of Chapter 30 of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia in effect at the time of the application.

18VAC90-19-90. Limitations of a multistate licensure privilege. (Repealed.)

A. The board shall include in all disciplinary orders that limit practice or require monitoring the requirement that the licensee subject to the order shall agree to limit practice to Virginia during the period in which the order is in effect. A nurse may be allowed to practice in other party states while an order is in effect with prior written authorization from both the board and boards of other party states.

B. An individual who had a license that was surrendered, revoked, or suspended or an application denied for cause in a prior state of primary residence may be issued a single state license in a new primary state of residence until such time as the individual would be eligible for an unrestricted license by the prior state of adverse action. Once eligible for licensure in the prior state, a multistate license may be issued.

18VAC90-19-100. Access to information in the coordinated licensure information system. (Repealed.)

A licensee may submit a request in writing to the board to review the public data relating to the licensee maintained in the coordinated licensure information system. In the event a licensee asserts that any related data is inaccurate, the burden of proof shall be upon the licensee to provide evidence that substantiates such claim. The board shall verify and correct inaccurate data in the information system within 10 business days.

VA.R. Doc. No. R18-5400; Filed March 5, 2018, 2:11 p.m.