Vol. 39 Iss. 9 - December 19, 2022


Executive Review of COVID-19 Penalties

By virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor, I hereby issue this Executive Order to review the disciplinary actions taken against private individuals, businesses, and non-profits purportedly as a result of the public health emergency related to COVID-19.

Importance of Initiative

The Commonwealth of Virginia continues to recover from the effects of COVID-19. For too many individuals, businesses, and non-profits, this includes measures resulting from guidelines imposed during the public health emergency. Due to state action, businesses in Virginia were prohibited from allowing entry, service, or access to their premises, putting their existence at risk. Individuals were prohibited from working and carrying on important daily activities. Because of the sweeping impact of these measures, I am directing the Commonwealth to review the disciplinary actions taken against private individuals and businesses and take corrective action where appropriate.


All state agencies shall report to the Secretary of Finance no later than January 15, 2023, all fines, fees, interest imposed, and all other disciplinary actions imposed on all individuals, businesses, and non-profits, including any withdrawal, suspension, or cancellation of an individual's license and/or certification resulting from violations of COVID-19 practices, guidelines, rules, or operating procedures and any state contracts that were not granted as a result of noncompliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

The Secretary of Finance or his designee shall review all such disciplinary actions and make recommendations to the Governor on what if any corrective action can be taken under the law.

For purposes of this Directive, "state agency" should be construed broadly and includes:

• Secretariat Offices

• Executive Branch Agencies

• Institutions of Higher Education; and

• Authorities, Boards, and Commissions established within the Executive Branch by the Code of Virginia or designated under a Secretariat in the Code of Virginia

Effective Date of the Executive Order

This Executive Order shall be effective upon its signing and shall remain in force and effect unless amended or rescinded by further executive order or directive. Given under my hand and under the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, this 6 day of December, 2022.

/s/ Glenn Youngkin, Governor