Vol. 38 Iss. 26 - August 15, 2022

Chapter 90

REGISTRAR'S NOTICE: Forms used in administering the regulation have been filed by the agency. The forms are not being published; however, online users of this issue of the Virginia Register of Regulations may click on the name of a form with a hyperlink to access it. The forms are also available from the agency contact or may be viewed at the Office of the Registrar of Regulations, 900 East Main Street, 11th Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Title of Regulation: 9VAC20-90. Solid Waste Management Permit Action Fees and Annual Fees.

Effective Date: August 15, 2022.

Agency Contact: Sanjay Thirunagari, Department of Environmental Quality, 1111 East Main Street, Suite 1400, P.O. Box 1105, Richmond, VA 23218, telephone (804) 659-1532, FAX (804) 698-4178, or email

FORMS (9VAC20-90)

Solid Waste Information and Assessment Program Reporting Table, Form DEQ 50-25 with Statement of Economic Benefits Form and Instructions (rev. 12/2018)

Solid Waste Annual Permit Fee Quarter Payment, Form PF001 (rev. 6/2021)

Solid Waste Annual Permit Fee Quarter Payment Form PF001 (rev. 7/2022)

VA.R. Doc. No. R22-7322; Filed July 20, 2022