Vol. 32 Iss. 23 - July 11, 2016

Chapter 60
Notice of Intended Regulatory Action

Notice is hereby given in accordance with § 2.2-4007.01 of the Code of Virginia that the Board of Medical Assistance Services intends to consider amending 12VAC30-60, Standards Established and Methods Used to Assure High Quality Care. The purpose of the proposed action is to implement Chapter 413 of the 2014 Acts of Assembly, Item 301 QQQQ of Chapter 3 of the 2015 Acts of Assembly, and Item 306 PPP of Chapter 780 of the 2016 Acts of Assembly and to improve the preadmission screening process for individuals who will be eligible for long-term services and supports. The regulatory action may include (i) adding requirements for accepting screening requests, managing the screening process, and submitting findings from screenings completed by community and hospital preadmission screening (PAS) teams and contractors performing screenings; (ii) use of the electronic preadmission screening (ePAS) system; (iii) contracting with public or private entities to perform screenings that have not been completed within 30 days of an individual's request; (iv) contracting out community based screenings for children; (v) clarifying requirements of community and hospital PAS teams and screenings performed by these teams; and (vi) adding a definitions section.

The agency does not intend to hold a public hearing on the proposed action after publication in the Virginia Register.

Statutory Authority: § 32.1-325 of the Code of Virginia; 42 USC § 1396 et seq.

Public Comment Deadline: August 10, 2016.

Agency Contact: Emily McClellan, Regulatory Supervisor, Department of Medical Assistance Services, Policy Division, 600 East Broad Street, Suite 1300, Richmond, VA 23219, telephone (804) 371-4300, FAX (804) 786-1680, or email

VA.R. Doc. No. R16-4355; Filed June 21, 2016, 10:25 a.m.